Hi, I’m Hattie-Angelys. Together, we’ll learn how to be naturally effective.

Naturally Effective Behavior

My background as a Licensed Behavior Analyst gives me unique insight into how and why we humans use specific behaviors and skills. Using data informed methods, my goal is to teach clients and families to adopt behaviors that align with their goals and values. Once you find the guiding principles that matter to you, and get in touch with your needs, desires, strengths and weaknesses, it becomes simple to become naturally effective.

Hattie-Angelys Fox, MS Ed/Sp Ed; BCBA; LBA
Hattie-Angelys Fox


Naturally Effective Behavior - image of a young white child engaging in age appropriate sensory play

Meeting people where they are, and designing methodologies that suit their specific needs makes us effective, naturally.

– Naturally Effective Behavior LLC

Our Goal

Naturally Effective Behavior LLC was founded to assist individuals, parents, students, and professionals in making effective and efficient changes that respect the personhood of the individual.

For Professionals

With a specialty in less-common presentations of neurodiversity, and the challenges facing the twice exceptional learner, we strive to share our expertise with other BCBAs.

For Families

Naturally Effective Behavior LLC offers consulting to families struggling with behavioral challenges including sleep regressions, communication challenges, and more.

For Learners

Learners of all ages welcome! Individuals are active participants in improving their skills and outcomes with Naturally Effective Behavior LLC.

Become Naturally Effective

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