Educational Enrichment

Naturally Effective Behavior LLC offers a variety of educational enrichment classes well suited to home education co-ops and play groups, public schools, library programs, and other educational settings.

Topics/classes available include:

  • Waldorf art and handwork
  • Parent consulting on the developmental appropriateness and skills gained from Waldorf, Montessori, etc. modalities
  • Crafts that improve dexterity (paper quilling, knitting, etc.)

Colonial Living Class

Have you ever wondered what the life of a child in colonial times was like?

Many of us living in the modern age imagine wooden toys and simple living, but there was more to childhood in colonial times than playing games. The colonial child would be an active participant in the keeping of the home, and would be developing household skills throughout their formative years. This may include farming or family occupations outside of the home, and sewing, spinning, weaving, candle or soap making, cooking, baking, and more within the home.

This class can be booked for your home education co-ops, classrooms, library programs, or private events.

Contact Naturally Effective Behavior LLC today to learn more about booking your virtual or Long Island class or enrichment.
Naturally Effective Behavior Long Island Educational Enrichment
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