Behavioral Support

Behavioral support often begins with environmental support – by creating mindful environmental shifts, we can create an atmosphere that allows individuals within it to function to their full potential.

Consider this – cleaning is a chore, but mindful changes don’t need to be…

When a whole production is needed to get your cleaning supplies, it becomes an effort and a time waster. Wiping down a counter becomes a hassle, and something that’s easy to simply ignore and out off.

When your cleaning supplies are staged and ready in the locations you use them most, simple presence of mind makes it simple to complete your chore easily and efficiently. It saves time, effort, and mental energy to simply reach beneath your sink for your favorite spray and a cleaning cloth, and mere moments to complete the chore.

By making simple mindful changes to your environment, it becomes simple to craft intentional behaviors – and that’s naturally effective!

Naturally Effective Behavior LLC works with you to evaluate your habits, wants, needs, and skills, then together we will create a plan of action that combines environmental changes with desired behaviors.

Some topics for behavioral support consulting include:
  • Home organization or office organization to your needs and nature
  • Decluttering while respecting your values
  • Constructing developmentally appropriate play spaces for children which invite skill development
  • Integrating intentionally designed home education into your life

Want to learn more about behavioral and environmental support consulting with Naturally Effective Behavior LLC? Contact us today!

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