Naturally Effective Behavior LLC, specializing in:

Hattie-Angelys Fox and Naturally Effective Behavior LLC offer a selection of services for individuals, families, communities and professionals.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Certain ABA services are available for clients in New York State with diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Behavioral Support

Behavioral support includes crafting intentional environmental supports that allow for the individuals in the environment to succeed. Providing consulting, training and support on topics including decluttering while respecting your values, organizing to suit your nature, design age-appropriate children’s educational spaces, integrating intentionally design home education into your lifestyle, and more.

Education & Advocacy

Services include consulting on pursuing assessment via a school district, coaching for parents and learners, caregiver support, and more.

Educational Enrichment

Offering a variety of programs for home educators and public school students including immersive living history classes, social and emotional learning (SEL) classes, fiber art and handwork classes, Waldorf level 1 watercolor and form drawing, and more.

Parent Trainings

Parental and caregiver support includes consulting and guidance in registering or withdrawing students from public school, pursuing assessment, designing mindful schedules and integrating learning modalities, and more.

Professional Development

Hattie-Angelys Fox is an A.C.E provider with Behavior Analytic Certification Board and can provide professional development for BCBAs on topics related to Autism Spectrum Disorder, neurodivergence in female presenting individuals, psychological flexibility, and more.

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