Education & Advocacy

Hattie-Angelys Fox of Naturally Effective Behavior LLC is a dual certified special education and early childhood educator, as well as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and New York State Licensed Behavior Analyst (LBA).

She has spent years honing her skills and expertise in education including experience in classrooms, residential services, and private settings, one-on-one and in groups. She has presented to peers at national conferences, and is a certified A.C.E. provider, offering continuing education to fellow BCBAs.

With experience in the public school system as well as home educating her own children, Hattie-Angelys is uniquely positioned to guide other parents, caregivers and educators on topics that all too often “fall between the cracks”.

If you or your learner are struggling with the following topics, contact Naturally Effective Behavior LLC to learn more:

  • Knowing when or how to ask a district for student assessment
  • Maintaining mindful presence at CPSE, CSE, or IFSP proceedings
  • Creating a mindful schedule that works for your specific neurotype
  • Navigating the process of homeschooling in New York State
  • Finding the right home education curriculum for your needs
  • Navigating the world with specific diagnosis/disabilities
  • Finding tasks and projects that support age-appropriate development of skills
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